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Technology Center Donated to Phyllis Wheatly Community Center

Immediate Release

Greenville, South Carolina
May 23, 2022

During the COVID-19 pandemic, families across the world where not able to visit their families and friends in person that resulted in a high rate of have isolation, depression, anxiety and loineness. Many people become disconnected from their family and friends, so Elder Source Ministries and Just Call Bill teamed together to develop a local program to help senior adults. Earlier this year, Elder Source Senior Ministries (501 c 3) received a grant to cover the costs of providing some a solution our seniors adults by connecting to their families and friends through technology.

Last week Stan Means (Elder Source Senior Ministries) and Bill Vicary (Just Call Bill) donated a Technology Center to The Phyllis Wheatly Center, Greenville, South Carolina. The Technology Center, consisting of a new 55” Smart TV, iPad, and mobile stand that will provide the senior adult program staff to help connect members with their family and friends, as well as be used in onsite programs through technology. They will be able to video chat through Zoom and Face Time to proactively engage with their loved ones. The Elder Source Senior Ministries free App is also included to provide hours of spiritual content, such as short devotions videos and hymns.“Ever since I talked with Stan and Bill about this project, our center has been looking forward to offer the ability to have our members see and talk to their families and friends and improve our programs. This is an amazing opportunity and will help our members and the community be actively engaged and to improve their quality of life,” Tiffany Boyd, Program Manager-Senior Adults, Phyllis Wheatly Center.

“Elder Source Senior Ministries has partnered with Just Call Bill and cover the cost and install the Technology Center. The Phyllis Wheatly Center is another great community resource for seniors to receive a technology center, and we are looking for other deserving communities and organizations to continue our vision to get seniors better connected through technology.” Stan Means, president, Elder Source Senior Ministries. This is the third Technology Center that has been donated by Elder Source Ministries and Just Call Bill.
About Phyllis Wheatly Community Center
Greenville, SC
The Phyillis Wheatly Community Center has been serving Greenville, SC more than 100 years as a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt organization. It is a true community center, serving as a hub for minority non-profits, providing space for governmental offices that bring needed services to residents, and collaborating with organizations across the Upstate to expose our children and adults to a variety of cultural and educational experiences
Tiffany Boyd, Program Director

About Elder Source Senior Ministries
Greenville, SC
Elder Source is a Christian non-profit organization whose mission is to inspire seniors to live with purpose by honoring God in their latter years. We provide resources and an App that provides Christian content and inspirational materials.
Stan Means, President

About Just Call Bill
Greenville, SC
We provide technology services to senior adults and their families, so they can be better connected. Bill has worked with many seniors throughout the South Carolina teaching senior adults how to use their technology more confidently, effectively and safely, as well as other educational programs and services.
Bill Vicary, Founder/President